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Note from the Author Linda Jean; Please take a minute to read this before you read my story; first I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read what I have to say. I write my stories as if I am writing my best friend and trying to relay to them exactly what I went through. While I know a lot of people like this type of writing, I am aware from the negative e-mails that there are some who do not. I get very upset when I get an e-mail from some person who tells me that my grammar is very bad and I should have my stories "proof read" prior to being posted. They of course never give a return e-mail so that is why I am putting this at the beginning of my story. To this person/s I say this. If you feel my grammar is that bad, DO NOT bother reading what I have to say. Trust me I did not write it with YOU in mind. I am not a professional and I defiantly am not an English Major (or Minor for that matter) so as a person from England might say PISS OFF. There I said it and I feel better. For those that read my dirty mind for the enjoyment and sexual stimulation here is more for you to dwell on and enjoy. Linda Jean

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After what seemed like forever he finely said "Ok Pam, get up and put your dress back on." I reached for my bra and panties, when I did he said "Did I say put your bra and panties on Pamela? I said your dress; you can just leave your panties and bra here. You won't be needing them anymore my dear." I could not believe my ears, now he was telling me what I can and cannot wear. My head was spinning with all of this, one thing then another, He was so nice and now. Then it hit me about what had just transpired and how I had lost all control and how I gave in so easily to my own sexual pleasure, I remembered the video camera and began to cry.

I guess Mr. Ballad knew what was going on because He handed me a box of tissue and said "here, use this." I sobbed and sobbed, I guess Mr. Ballard wanted me to get it all out of my system. After a very long time of nothing going on but my crying he said as I was now sniffling "All done now Mrs. Jackson?" the way he said it was like he was reminding me that I was married and I had just had sex with two men and liked it. He then said "Now don't you fret none Pamela, what happen here stays here, you keep your mouth shut and do what your told, when your told and everything will work out just fine for you and for me. You will be taking home over $1,000.00 a week not counting overtime at time and a half. You get to come into work five days a week from 8 to 5 and do nothing but enjoy yourself having sex once every hour.

Now I know for a fact you can't find any secretary anywhere in this area that makes $25.00 an hour to do no work at all. You and Billy boy can live pretty high off the hog with what I'm giving you." I looked at him and asked, "Why did you video tape me?" Mr. Ballad laughed and said "because I wanted too dear, anything I want to do, I do and anything I want, I get. Call it insurance, call it anything you like, just get use to it honey I like to keep memories of these wonderful times just like what happen here today for my pleasure. You're just going to have to deal with it dear and get use to being filmed. What is so great about that videotape is, it shows that you where a very willing partner to our little sex party. That way you can't go saying that you where drugged, or forced into anything that happen here today. I mean when anyone looks at that tape and watch how you begging for sex like you where, well I think you get the picture.

That way if you decide to go telling your husband or anyone else about this, well I just pop this tape into the machine and show them that you not only where a willing partner, but that you begged for it." Again tears rose in my eyes and I began to cry, he had me and there was nothing that I could see to do. I could think of anything at all to get out of this nightmare this sick man brought me into. Mr. Ballad said after all my tears were gone again "calm down Pam, lets get back to where we where before I called the boys up here. Now lets see where was I, Oh yes I remember. I was telling you just what I expected from you wasn't I dear?" I looked at him and said softly in a very shaky voice "yes."

"Well" he started again, "To be very blunt dear, you are going to be my companies new sex toy for the next three years. Let there be no misunderstanding, you are working here for one reason and one reason only it is to fuck my employees. Also my sweet, you are here for my own pleasure. You are my reward to my top sales person, I have found that money alone isn't enough to get them to work hard, offer them a desirable willing sex toy and they are selling like crazy, even the two Bitches down there fight to spend time with Jane and now you. Now I will have Jane explain this all in more detail for you tomorrow. Here take this two hundred and go by the right work cloths. I want you skirts and dress's so fucking short that when ever you sit down, I can see your pussy, when you walk I want to be able to see the cheeks of your ass, speaking of which, shave that cunt of yours." If Billy boy objects too fucking bad just give him a good fuck like you did the boys here and he'll get over it. I want that cunt of yours smooth as a baby's ass. You got that honey?"

I looked up at him and said "yes sir, my husband has wanted me to shave myself for a long time, so that won't be a problem." I said that and he quickly sat up and said very sharp "I don't give a shit if it is a problem or not I say fuckin do it and you damn well better do it. If you're fucking husband likes great, if doesn't like it I could give a shit. Fuckin do as I say of your pretty little ass is going to fuckin jail. If you have to fucking lie to him, you Damn well better lie to him. There are going to be times that you will be working late and on weekends. By that I mean there are going to be days that you are going to be fucking till midnight. When ever I have a special weekend sale, every salesperson that makes a sale that weekend gets 30 minutes with you after the deal is signed, so on those weekends you will get bad sores so to speak. Of course you will always be on the clock so you will get time and a half for weekends and anything after 5 PM. Now I don't give a shit what excuse you tell your husband, but you will be where ever I want you, doing what ever I want you doing. You got that Pamela?"

I sat there shaking in fear, how could this man be so mean, how could he do this to Bill and me. He is ruining my life. I meekly answered him and said "Yes I understand Sir." He softened and said "look Pam this isn't all that bad, you can ask Jane, she started just like you are. She is married and she worked it out. By the way for the last three years I don't think she has ever taken home a check less than $5,000.00 and there have been many months when I have signed checks for her over Nine Grand, so you are not being used and abused. How you work out your home life is between you and your husband, everything is going to work out for you.

Now get out of here and go get some decent cloths for my companies new sex slut. I got up and walked to the door and he said, "Oh by the way Pamela one last thing, I love the smell of sex. I get a fucking hard on knowing that you are sitting in your chair or walking with cum dripping and oozing out of your cunt and ass. Therefore, while you are here at work, you are not allowed to clean yourself after you have sex with anyone. Now before you think you can go hide in the bathroom, out of site, think again. I have over 500 tiny camera's 5 in your toilet, 10 in the ladies rest room. I have others in every office in this building, and in the service building. I will be watching you every time you suck a cock, eat pussy or get fucked and of course every time you play with your self like you love to do in the restroom. Every time you take a piss or dump you are being watched just like you where the day you masturbated in the toilet and I hired you. And just like last week when you did it in the down stairs ladies room, now get the fuck out."

I opened the door and stepped out There where 4 men and Jane waiting for me. I know my face turned bright red as they began to clap and give me praise for my performance. After a few minute Jane ran them all off telling them "starting tomorrow Pam is the new sperm bank around here now leave us alone." She said that and a chill ran through my body, again I wanted to cry. I guess she sensed it and said "Oh it isn't all that bad, you won't ever find a better job, and you won't make the kind of money anywhere you will make here." I looked at her and said "disease, what about Aids, herpes, Gonorrhea?" Jane said "I go to a doctor every Friday for test, she gives me shots to help me from catching anything as well as birth control. I have never had a problem and the girl before me didn't. Just make sure you are faithful every week and see the doctor."

I said "he wants me to buy cloths like you are wearing, where do I go to buy them?" Jane said "I went down to the Salvation Army I bought the shortest skirts and dress's I could find, I took them home and shortened them. Can you sew?" I told her I could, and then I asked her, "is it true what Mr. Ballad said, I mean can he really see us anywhere? I mean can he really see in to the ladies room?" Jane said "Yes, that is why you got hired, you where the fifth woman to use the toilet and when he saw what you did he told me to send you in and send all the others home. I can only assume that you touched yourself in there because that is one of his favorite things to watch, did you?" I bowed my head and said "yes, I started reading your playboy and one thing led to another, fuck why can't I control myself, I never dreamed someone would spy on me in a restroom." Jane said "honey I can guarantee you that no matter where you are sitting, what ever room you step into, Mr. Ballad will have a camera on you, and you better make sure he never see you wiping yourself after you do it. God he gets sooooo fucking pissed, he fined me over 4 thousand dollars my first three months. He's got this thing I'll let you discover yourself, I think it is kind of kinky but to each his or her own so to speak."

I just looked at her sitting at her desk when she pointed down between her legs under her desk. She mouthed "Camera" then she said "you will get a greater response if you sit like this allowing a clear view especially after a bout so to speak." I looked and it hit me what she was pointing out to me. I shook my head and said I better get going, I have no idea what I am going to tell my husband." Jane said "Honey I don't know about your husband, but when I told my husband about my pay raise he was so happy, everything else was easy. I told him part of my duties as Mr. Ballad's Secretary was to take notes at all of his meetings and dinners. I told him the first day to expect me to work over time 3-5 times a week and on special sale weekends making time and a half. Since Mr. Ballad is so wealthy and this is such a respectable place to work, Hank never questioned me.

I don't know about you and yours, all I know is if you keep Mr. Ballad happy and play this sick little game, you are going to be a very well off woman. I would also suggest that you don't call his bluff about the police. About 8 months ago there was a girl, her name was Mary, she lasted three weeks and decided to call his bluff, she got 18 years in State Prison. He can be very cruel and very generous. It took me awhile to figure it all out, once I chose to play along it has been like a gravy train and I fun one at that. Funny though, when Mary took my job he kept me around, I guess he had a feeling about her from the start. With you I guess he feels good enough to let me go. Just don't blow it Pam, your much to nice a person to end up in Prison over this fucking man."

I heard enough and said "I better get going, I have to shop and sew tonight." I walked down stairs and I saw every man in the place watching me, I always parked in the employee's parking lot and to get there I had to walk through the display-room. My face had to be seven shade of red as I walked out. There are two women sales people and except for them everyone else in the whole company was male. I swear every male with the exception of the Mechanics working watched me walk out to my car. I felt so sick with myself. I should have controlled myself better when they where screwing me. I could have just taken it and made it appear like I was nothing but a limp rag. I wonder if I had if Mr. Ballad would have kept me around. Maybe he would have decided I would not be worth keeping around. Well it was to late and I had already shown them that I have little control over my body.

I drove to the store and spent enough time to purchase 4 skirts, 4 tops, and 3 dresses. I was surprised that I ended up taking home $80.00 in change. I got home about 3:30 and I picked the full pleated navy blue skirt, I put it on and pinned it up as short as I could dare. I used that as my measurement and in less than an hour I had all the skirts and dress's all hemmed up. I had forgotten all about the garter belt and stockings so after I put everything away I ran down to Target, and picked up three garters and 7 pairs of hose. I got home only 20 minutes before Bill.

I had no idea what I was going to tell him. First of all I knew he was tired after all he left at 3:30 this morning and it was just after 6 when he walked in the door. I kissed him and said with an excited voice and smile. "I got a raise and a promotion today, I'm going to be making $25.00 an hour with time and a half for over time." I tried to be excited as I knew I about fell over when Bill said "Jesus Pam who did you have to fuck to get that job, your supervisor or your Boss?" I looked at him shaking and full of fear I smiled and said "the Boss silly, my supervisor is his secretary it wouldn't do me any good to try and fuck her."

He smiled and said "yea, sure you did baby, sure you did." We kissed and he went on to the bedroom to take his shower. On the way home and I grabbed some KFC. We ate and by 7:30 Bill was in bed sawing logs. I ended up sitting in the living room in the dark going over the whole day at work. As I sat there I tried to recall the last time Bill and I made love. Was it 4 days ago? A week? Two weeks? God how long had it been? Sundays his only day off when we get back from church, he sits down watches his football or races and falls asleep. Damn it was over three weeks ago last Sunday that's when it was, no wonder I masturbated so easily that day of the interview. Then I remembered all those times in the ladies room that I did it while at work, fuck, shit, that fucking asshole, he has been watching me every time I hate that fucking sleaze-ball.

About 9:30 I took my bath and shaved off my pubic hair that I had fought Bill for over 3 years about shaving. I just did not want to go to my OBGYN and try to explain why I shaved myself. Oh well, I would rather do that then go to Prison and I Know that is my only choice right now.

I fell into bed and was asleep by 10:30; I never woke when Bill left for work. I got up at 6:30, grabbed some coffee, and after sitting at the kitchen table in a trance wondering how I was going to manage this. I mean first of all doing what Mr. Ballard wanted me to do and then, how was I going to keep Bill from finding out. I know Bill, he has one hell of a dirty mind but this, this is way beyond even him. I just know this would drive him crazy and he would most likely kill my Boss. I finely got up and went to take a quick shower; I ran a razor over my mound again to make sure there was no stubble then I got dressed. I put on the garter and hose; I felt I had to wear a bra so I put on my tiny push up bra that Bill loves. It pushes me up and holds me while not covering my nipples. I did not want to walk around like a cow with my tits hanging.

When I put on my white blouse I could clearly see my pink nipples. I stepped into my blue skirt and it was short all right. I could not believe that I would ever wear anything this short in my life. I decided to see if one of the other ones might be a little longer. I grabbed all the other skirts and they where all just as short. My garter clearly shown a good 3-4 inches of the straps holding up my black fishnet stockings, which were sticking out from under the tiny patch of cloth I was trying to pass off as a skirt. I looked like a filthy streetwalker. I looked in the mirror I swear I could almost see between my legs as I stood there.

I stood there and said "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, fuck." I started to cry I had already cut the material so I could not drop the hem. I finely looked at myself in the mirror and said "He wanted see you with a very short skirt, it's fucking short alright, but at least your not in jail, you where stupid enough to get caught up in this mess, take your medicine and shut the fuck up." I looked at my hair hanging down and I decided to put it in two ponytails. I looked at myself and I did not recognize the woman staring back at me from the mirror. I looked like a teenager dressed as a streetwalker.

I grabbed my purse and went to the car. I was thankful we park our cars in the garage so none of my neighbors would see me like this. I drove to the lot and I parked in a place I hoped no one would notice. I looked down at myself and I could almost see my shaved vagina peeking out from under my pleated skirt laying down trying to cover what it could of it. I knew that if I had cut it one more inch I would be showing myself clearly to any one seeing me sitting down.

I sat there for the longest time; I finely took a deep breath and got out of my car. I looked up as I was getting out of the car and saw 6 or 7 men watching me. I felt myself turn red and I tried not to look at any of them as I walked into the showroom. Everyman there made catcalls and comments. One man said "You boys don't stand a chance I'm making salesman of the day and she's all mine." I walked as fast as I could up the stairs and as I went up all the men stood at the bottom telling me how lovely my naked ass looked and how smooth my pussy was I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

I reached the top of the stairs and Jane was there waiting for me. Today she was dressed very concretive. She was wearing a very lovely pink summer dress that came down past her knees. She said "Well I see you found the place, don't worry about those guys down stairs, you'll learn to love them. I took care of the 8 am appointment, so they are all yours starting with the 9 am parts man." I looked at her and said "8, 9, what do you mean?" Jane said "Mr. Ballard will explain it all to you after he introduces you this morning. I am to show you a few things while they are all in there.

Lets start here," she showed me a little red button just under the desk to the right of my right knee. She said. "When Ballard starts his interview later this week looking for your replacement down stairs, when ever one of the applicants ask to use the restroom, you let her in yours and push the buzzer. Ballard will then turn on those cameras and watch to see if they are what he is looking for, if you know what I mean." Then she pulled open her bottom right hand drawer. "Here" she said "is Mr. Ballard little toy collection he wants us I mean you to have and use. When Teresa or Connie win sales person of the day, you'll have to use one of these, or I should say they will use one. It all depends on their mood, after all it is their choice." I looked in the drawer and it had all kinds of rubber dicks. I saw small ones, fat ones, long ones; I saw what looked like three different size and types of strap-on's. Jane opened the left hand drawer and in it was a large selection of plastic vibrators of all different shapes and sizes.

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