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Forced Interracial Sex Lesbian Rape Videos Fantasy Gay Rape Rape Sex Free Pics
I rake, wash, clean and fuck as ordered.

Most of the really hot babes at the resort have a hot young stud to handle their fucking. However, sometimes they get in a fight with their hot young stud. Then I get some top grade pussy.

Most of the time I fuck the not so top grade pussy. What the hell, pussy is pussy.

Well, actually, not all pussy is equal.

One night I get to take a lady to the night club. The place is packed with people. There are customer ladies wearing fairly fancy clothes, some in bikini bottoms and a few nude.

There are girls who dance on a stage. The dancing girls are all nude and all ready for anyone who wants them. Both Daisy and Erica are dancing girls.

Erica seems to have adapted to the life she is now being forced to lead. Daisy has not. I can see tears running down Daisy's face when she is on stage.

I am sitting in the nightclub with a female guest. She wants to get fucked, but in her own good time. I am to keep my hands off her until she decides when and where.

In the meantime, the lady wants to know a little more about me. The first thing she wants to know is if I have fucked our black waitress?

I tell her no, that I am not allowed to fuck the female staff unless a guest wants me to do that.

The lady asks me if I know that I could be ordered to fuck that bitch up on the stage?

I tell her that I do what I am ordered. However, if she wants me to fuck the waitress, I will need some rest time before I can then fuck her.

The lady looks at me with a bit of calculation. Suddenly, her eyes light up and she looks up at the stage and tells me to ‘watch this!'

Erica walks out onto the stage, followed by one of my black beach cleaning buddies. She gets down on her knees and sucks him up hard. Then Erica turns around and gets down on her hands and knees, waiting for the big, black cock she just prepared.

The black guy fucks Erica doggy style in front of the whole night club. He takes his time and works Erica pretty hard as she tries to convince the audience, with facial expressions, that she is in a state of total ecstasy. The big cock slides in and out of Erica's pussy as she wiggles wildly to try to bring the guy off. The black guy is not, however, having a quick end to the fuck. He is in control and is able to resist Erica's wiggling for a while as he pounds his big black cock into her pussy.

Finally, the black guy withdraws from Erica's pussy and cums all over her ass.

Then, both Erica and the black guy struggle to their feet and exit the stage to be replaced by a dancer.

The lady I am with explains to me that some lady wanted to find out exactly how big a cock the black guy had. Thus, she hired a fuck by the black guy to find out how big and what it felt like.

I ask about the ‘what it felt like?'

The lady explains that the girl will be in the ladies room later to answer questions.

OK, Erica and Daisy might fuck a bit now and then. Hell, they might even fuck a stranger. However, neither girl would willingly fuck a guy in front of an audience. Especially when the audience includes me who might blab the story all over town when we get back home.

This tells me that the girls are being forced. This also tells me that there is no real hope for us ever getting back home. Nobody is going to send girls back home after they have been publically raped. Nobody is going to send me back home without the girls.

About this time, the lady I am with decides that she is ready to fuck. The lady is wearing only the bottom of a bikini, but she apparently wants to make a statement. She goes into the ladies' room and emerges completely nude.

We then walk back to her bungalow as she discusses the possibility of her fucking a black guy.

I point out that she can do as she wishes, as long as she has the money to hire what she wants.

She sneers at me and points out that she does have the money. Of course she is also pointing out that I am hired and I am, in effect, her slave.

We get back to her bungalow. She has been working on her own pussy with her fingers and she is ready for me as we walk in the place.

Her actions have left me hard. We race each other into the bedroom and she wants it doggy style, "Just like the bitch on the stage!"

I get into her hot, wet pussy slowly and deeply. I take my time on each deep stroke and try to move my hips a bit with each stroke to slightly change the angle of my thrust.

At first, the lady is wiggling and trying to thrust back a little as I pump into her. However, as the fuck proceeds, she gets less active and more or less runs down.

After a bit, she is just bracing herself on her knees and elbows as I continue to thrust deep into the core of her.

I can feel her start to climax and I allow myself to be drawn along. I could last longer, but the lady is already too tired to really respond.

Just for the hell of it, I do not cum inside her, but withdraw and cum all over her ass, just like the black guy did on the stage.

After I cum, we both collapse on the bed.

She is breathing very hard and it takes a while before she can speak. When she does, she says, "Just like the stage act! You know, I might just try that one of these nights."

Suddenly, the plan of my escape forms in my mind.

I carefully ask the lady, "Why not warm up first with what you should really have been doing all along?"

The lady is a bit confused. "What is it that I should really have been doing?"

I said, "We are here, in a tropical paradise with a giant moon overhead and we are fucking in a hotel room. You could have done that back home."

Now, the lady could not have hired a stud to fuck her back home, but the idea sells!

The lady asks me, "You mean fuck out on the beach in the moonlight?"

I said, "That's a start!"

She then asks, "OK, I started. Where do I go from there?"

I said, "Well, we wash up and then we march your red, just fucked pussy into the nightclub where you put on a little show just by walking in."

The lady is intrigued! "So, everyone in the nightclub knows I just fucked. I am as naked as the dancers. But how will the others know that I fucked out on the beach? Wait! I go into the ladies' room. Someone comes in and we have a little girl talk about my beach adventure. It is too juicy not to tell. I am the star of the show without even fucking on the stage. I like it!"

With the hook in, I set it hard! "You have started a new kind of experience. You find out how you handle the public fame. Then, if you like, you can take it to the next level. If not, you are already a star!"

Now, this is a lady who has kicked out her boyfriend and hired a slave stud. She has to wonder if the problem was she or her ex-boyfriend. However, if she can become the star of a new, delightfully evil sex game, why the problem has to be her ex-boyfriend!

It is too late to try anything that night.

However, after I leave the lady, I talk to Nora. I explain the little game I have sold to the lady.

Nora does not like it at first.

However, I explain that I will keep all of the action below the high tide line and the ocean will wash the beach clean afterward. Once the customer ladies see the effect, they will have to try it and there will be a demand for more rental studs.

Nora buys off on the idea (you should have seen her face light up when I said, ‘demand for more rental studs'). The next night I, dressed as the south seas wild man, take the lady out on the beach and fuck her brains out on the hard sand below the high tide mark. I use legs over shoulders and work the lady up before I really slam my cock into her and work her into multiple climax. The lady is so turned on by the old-but-totally-new experience that she abandons herself totally to me. She is drawn into climax after climax under a tropical moon! I work her until she is exhausted, then I pull out and cum over her stomach.

She is so tired, that I have to half carry her into the ocean and wash the both of us.

We then walk slowly back to the nightclub.

The lady instantly attracts attention with her red, just-fucked pussy and her wild, sea washed hair. I even attract a little attention with my costume. I am, as are all of the hired studs, naked. However, I am wearing four little items that I worked into a south seas wild man costume. The four items are plastic bands I have tied just above my elbows and knees. The bands have a long, dangling fringe that drops down to partially cover my forearms and calves. Actually, I am not naked, I am nude.

OK, the lady is the center of attraction for the night. Every woman in the place wants to know the story. The nightclub is a constant parade of women back and forth to the ladies' room.

In a desperate attempt to get the attention of the patrons back into what the resort sells, there is a wild new show. Daisy attempts to run away from something, across the stage. The something is three black studs. Of course, they catch her before she can escape.

The studs then gang rape the captured Daisy. She is forced to take each stud in her pussy while she sucks on the next stud. Since Daisy is not to suck the studs to completion, the first round is not too bad. However, on the second round, Daisy is forced to suck the cum soaked cocks that have just recently been fucking her pussy. Daisy tries to plead for the studs to stop. Of course, the studs do not stop and poor Daisy is fucked and humiliated in front of the entire nightclub! At the end of the act, Daisy is led off the stage, to wild applause, with cum running out of her gang raped pussy!

Daisy acts out her part of the gang rape well. However, knowing Daisy, I can see that it is not acting. Daisy is in big trouble and will not last too much longer before she goes over the edge. However, I have to wait a while longer for my plan to work

Now, the sex slaves are not allowed out on the beach after dark. The resort does not want anyone trying to escape. However, with my new role as the south seas wild man, I am not only allowed out on the beach at night, I am encouraged to take ladies out so that they can experience the joys of being fucked under a tropical moon and then led into the night club so that everyone can see their red, just banged pussy!

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