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It was a sultry hot summers day.

I locked the house behind me and climbed onto my bicycle, I knew just where I could go to cool down. I rode down the hill and out into the countryside. I could feel the cool air lift my short cotton skirt; my legs began to cool in the breeze. I took my legs off the pedals and freewheeled down the hill, allowing the air to circulate to the maximum. I could feel my skirt lift up behind me; anyone there would have seen my white cotton thong hugging my pert arse.

I could see in the distance were I was heading, the riverside, somewhere to cool off. As I got to the bottom of the hill I could see the pathway off to the left. The gateway prevented me taking my bicycle any further; I dismounted and locked it up against the fence. Over the gate I climbed it wasn't far to the riverside, somewhere were I could paddle and cool down.

Butterflies flew around me, it was such an angelic spot, such peace and tranquility, and the sun was glinting on the water inviting me to enter. I waited until I reached the safe shallow part of the river. I flicked off my sandals and tip toed into the water, it felt fantastic, the cold water trickling around my toes. My short skirt and sun top allowed me to splash the cold water over most of my body; it was so cold and refreshing. I was cool now and it was time to start the walk back to my bicycle. I hummed as I walked, enjoying the summer day. I didn't hear the steps behind me, I didn't realise there was anybody else there.

An arm grabbed me, pulling on me hard. The other covered my mouth making it impossible for me to scream.

I was pulled backwards into the long grass and thrown face down onto the ground. The body straddled me, pinning me down. A gag was forced into my mouth; now I knew I couldn't scream. A scarf was tied around my eyes; now I couldn't see.

I felt a hand slip up inside my skirt it rubbed over my arse, a finger slipped underneath my thong and moved forward towards my pussy. The finger slowly slid along the outside of my cunt towards my clit and then back again towards the opening of my arse.

I am rolled over so that I was face up, as I roll my sun top is pulled over my head, leaving my pert breasts uncovered. My skirt and thong are tugged down, I tried to fight but to no avail, there was no escape.

A hand grabbed at my breast, and then I felt the teeth, firstly nibbling at my nipple and then with a bite. I gasp, but nothing can be heard. My nipples are throbbing, but this doesn't stop my attacker, they bite and suck and bite and suck.

Then I feel the legs, they push mine apart and pin me further to the ground. A hand again reaches inside my thigh. Slowly at first and then with one thrust I feel a finger being pushed into my pussy. I gasp again. Then I feel another finger being pushed in, my pussy being manipulated allowing another finger to enter. It takes a while, it hurts like fuck, but then the whole hand disappears I am being fisted whilst I am pinned to the ground, back and forth I feel the hand being pumped. My pussy starts to get wet now, I feel like I am going to cum.

My attacker withdraws their hand and I hear a zipper undo. My attacker moves my arms so that they are above my head; he holds them to the ground by my wrists. Climbing on top of me I feel a rock hard cock dig into my back. I then feel its head at the entrance to my pussy and with one huge thrust it is pushed inside me.

The cock is thrust in and out of me, it is so big I can feel my pussy being stretched with each thrust and then all off a sudden its withdrawn. The attacker moves and |I feel his cock at the entrance of my arse. He rubs the tip of his cock their for a few seconds and then with all their weight behind them they try and push their cock into my tight arse. I thrash around, no one has ever had their cock in my arse, and I don't want this to happen. They try again; pushing with all their might, but my arse will not give in.

They move from being on top of me, leaving me still face down. I feel a rush of wind and then hear the crack of a hand as it hits my arse. I am being spanked, what for? Not being able to take his cock?

After ten of the best I am ordered to my knees, one hand is holding my head and the other restraining my hands. The gap is removed from my mouth. Before I have time to scream, the hard cock is trust into my mouth. Holding my head in place they trust hard in and out of my mouth. I gag on the cock, but the trusts keep coming. The cock is pushed further and further down my throat. I hear a sharp intake of breath and then hot cum fires into my mouth, I feel it dripping down my throat. The trusting continues until there isn't a drop of cum left.

The cock is removed from my mouth and I feel a tablet being pushed into my mouth, down my throat, the gag is retied into place and I am thrown on to the ground.

When I wake up it is dark around me, I untie the gag and the blindfold. My clothes are next to me. I get dressed. I then notice the note.

"I loved acting out your fantasy, maybe next time we can act out mine. xxx"

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